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1kg delivered live. Country of Origin: Indonesia Flower crabs have long clamps and a round body and can be differentiated by its gender based on their colour, with male being blue-ish in colour while female green / brown colour. Their meat is tender, moist and sweet but donot have a high flesh contain as compared to mud crabs. To bring out the sweetness,...
600G of portion cuts Cod Fish. Frozen. 99.9% boneless.Portions may look different from the image.
(Out Of Stock. Available end of Mid-End July)1kg delivered Live. Country of Origin: Singapore Also known as pacific white shrimp,its shell is grey in colour and is extremely popular in the market. It is popular for its crunchy texture and sweet, fresh taste.
New stock arriving on 5th June. Delivery will be from 5th June onwards.
1kg (31-40 heads per kg)Prawns will be iced during delivery. The will naturally die during transport. Please inform us if you would still like your prawns to be in water and alive.Watch Live Prawns
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