Our Serve Seafood Sauces are a natural companion to our serve seafood offerings and we offer the following: 

  • Serve Sambal Sauce is a great balance of spicy and savory while simple to use. Natural companion to seafood and great for BBQs or stir-fry dishes that is bound to give the mouthwatering satisfaction at the dinner table.
  • Serve Assam Seafood Sauce is a great companion of seafood which has the balance of mouthwatering tartness from Assam and savory flavors. Ideal for stir-fry and stews alike.
  • Serve Steam Fish Sauce is an excellent pairing for local steam fishes. With a selected blend of ingredients to give the sauce the balance of salinity and sweetness. Top it off with the aromatic ginger oil to give the finishing touches to enjoying a great steam fish meal for each family.

Serve Sauces

Serve Sauces

Serve Sauces
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