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Shellout Package (Uncooked) Shellout Package (Uncooked) 2
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$80.00 $80.00
ShellOut Package - the best seafood mix for a group of 6-7people. Now you are left with the sauce choices, so pick your own sauce options in our sauce section!
Nasi Ambeng OP Nasi Ambeng OP 2
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$85.00 $87.25
Nasi Ambeng OP(OurPasar) is designed for a quick-fix for families who wants to create their own Nasi Ambeng. This set is also crafted in a manner where local brands stick together to help those who were affected by Covid. So with you buying this set, not only you get a wholesome get-to-gather meal but also supporting local companies at the same time. 
Mee Rebus Set (Fast and...
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Mee Rebus is a dish comprising egg noodles in thick, spicy gravy. This set is your quick fix for at home. This set is able to cater 4-5 servings 
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