OurPasar Essentials strives to provide our customers with easy access to a wide variety of fresh halal produce. We do this by shortening the gap between food producers to end consumers. All of our suppliers are carefully handpicked to ensure the supply chain is tightly controlled and efficient processes are in place to ensure sustained quality and freshness of the produce from farm to table. With a dedicated customer service team, our customers can look forward to a hassle-free shopping experience with great pricing.


All of our items are halal. We are partnering with WhatsHalal,a halal-tech company, to ensure that our suppliers are providing us with halal products.

With WhatsHalal technology, we are able to ensure that our halal-products are always up to date.

As we are growing our product options for our customers, we are assured that WhatsHalal will be at every step, ensuring that our products are safe and halal for consumption.

OurPasar Rewards Points

Yess!!! Everybody loves points - especially if they can be traded to more vouchers and foooooood! We understand because we are mothers too! 

So every purchase you make via OurPasar, you will receive points. Not only that we give rewards points if you:

  1. Tag your OurPasar journey on FB n IG.
  2. Tag the dishes that you cook with ingredients from OurPasar on FB n IG
  3. Return your boxes 
  4. Sponsor a friend
  5. 50% of sponsored friend’s purchase points. 
  6. Feedbacks for us to improve

So keep a lookout of activities in ourpasar.com for you to collect more points. The more points you get, the more savings for you!

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