Origin : Norway (Chilled). Pricing changes weekly. Weight : Appro x 2.4KG. 1 Fillet (6 x 200G Portions) vacuum packed. 1 Belly vacuum packed. 1/2 Head. 1/2 Bones in bag.  Fish will be delivered in ice. 
Origin : Norway (Chilled). Pricing changes weekly. Weight : Approx 5KG to 6KG.  2 fillets (both sides) vacuum packed. Head cut into half. Bones in bag.  Fish will be delivered in ice. 
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1KG delivered fresh. 21-25 heads per kg. Get your hands on our fresh large ocean-caught tiger prawns now! Prawns are one of the easiest ingredients to work with. Packed with flavour and nutrients, along with hundreds of recipes to choose from, you will never run out of cooking ideas!
1KG delivered fresh. Estimated about 31-40 pieces.
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